Image 1: Basket stars (Gorgonocephalus) SERPENT project (img source)

“These basket stars were observed offshore Norway at the Midnattsol field. They are at the top of a ridge on the seabed at 928m depth using their branched arms for filter feeding in the strong currents. ”

Image 2: Basket star (Gorgonocephalus) SERPENT project (img source)

“This basket star was observed offshore Norway at the Midnattsol field at 928m depth. You can see a big close-up of this creature at ”

Image 3: GorgonocephalusSERPENT project (cc-by-nc-nd)

That second one has its mouth facing up — there are photos out there, but watch out — it’s nightmare fuel! (see also: Sarlacc)

Via this excellent photoessay!

(Sarlacc comparison from this post)

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