“Figure 1: Left panel: Chaotic attractor of a driven anharmonic oscillator on the location-position plane of a stroboscopic map taken with the period of the driving. Right panel: Natural measure on the same chaotic attractor. Lighter colors indicate higher local values of the distribution. Both the attractor and the natural measure are fractal. (From T. Tel, M. Gruiz, Chaotic Dynamics, An Introduction Based on Classical Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 2006, with permission.)”

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Diagram by Edward Ott, Scholarpedia:

Figure 1: (a) Double well potential V(x) , and (b) the resulting basins of attraction.

Waltzing Volvox, from the Goldstein Lab at the University of Cambridge

Volvox is a colonial green algae (more info at Wikipedia)

Check out more movies on their YouTube channel and lab website

(And someone else has uploaded a more colorful video of dancing volvox here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pjW1cMfTz8)