Ask me about:

  • Untangling stuck places
  • Working with internal and interpersonal conflict
  • Integrating psychedelic experiences, and
  • Connecting with a sense of meaning

I hold coaching sessions online via video chat. You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation at the bottom of the page! (Or click here.)

Coaching for productivity and flow

If you’re feeling frustrated about something, let’s work with it collaboratively, creatively, iteratively, and pragmatically.

Stuck places, almost by definition, represent situations where your existing tools, practices, approaches, and frameworks are stymied by the task at hand. In these circumstances, you may need a different perspective or new tools in order to move from stuckness towards flow.

I can help you experience more coherence between what you’re doing and what you care about, build a supportive mindset to get your whole self on board for for action, and troubleshoot systems for scaffolding your goals.

Coaching for psychedelic integration

What is psychedelic integration coaching?

Psychedelic integration coaching is intended to support people in navigating their relationship with psychedelic experiences, whether they’re considering using these substances or wanting help in working with past experiences.

Integration sessions can include topics such as:

  • Discussing whether a psychedelic would be a good fit for your intentions
  • Providing information on harm reduction
  • Processing difficult or challenging past experiences
  • Making sense of bizarre or confusing experiences
  • Learning from transformative or powerful experiences
  • Applying insights to daily life and practice
  • Choosing whether to travel for an ayahuasca experience
  • Navigating conversations with others about your use of psychedelics, or their use

What is not psychedelic integration coaching?

Please keep in mind that psychedelic integration coaching does not include:

  • Providing or administering any substances,
  • Sitting with clients during psychedelic experiences, or
  • Referring clients to providers of psychedelic substances or services in places where this is not legal.

For example, I can discuss recommendations regarding centers that offer ayahuasca or San Pedro cactus in Peru, because those plants are legal to use in that country. In contrast, there are not currently any legal MDMA-assisted therapy providers outside of the context of regulated clinical trials.

Additional support for analytical people

I’ve worked with people from a wide variety of philosophical backgrounds, especially during my time in Peru and as part of harm reduction services at events like Burning Man. Psychedelics can catalyze all sorts of experiences, and my goal is to provide a non-judgmental space to discuss non-ordinary states, from a grounded and pragmatic perspective.

My approach is particularly well-suited for people who tend towards analytical ways of understanding the world. I have a background in science and a deep affinity for clear thinking. I also value the flexibility to embrace creative tools for self-actualization, when the opportunity arises.

If you’ve come through a psychedelic experience and are finding it challenging to fit this into your existing models, let’s talk. I don’t default to reinforcing or negating thoughts that come from psychedelic states. Instead, I’m curious to hear how the experience is affecting your life, and where you’re wanting to go from there.

As Box and Draper said, “all models are wrong, but some are useful.” When applied to psychedelic states:

“The measure of a metaphor lies exclusively in its power to model a situation in such a way as to most frequently provoke the most appropriate response to stimulus. Period. If your tobacco addiction presents to you as a demon, and you choose to deal with it that way, awesome. For some people that’s a good lens to use. For others it might be better to stick with the chemical feedback loop model.”

– Teafaerie, “To Believe or Not to Believe


Scope of services

If you are experiencing severe or acute distress related to mental health factors that are outside my scope of practice for coaching, I will refer you to seek further assistance from a counselor or psychiatrist. Additionally, I may recommend talking to your doctor or pharmacist about interactions between psychedelics and medications or health conditions.

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