Productivity and flow


Some of these topics have their own pages, and others are just sections on this page for now. Plus, here are some resources that apply to multiple categories:


  • Meaningness – David Chapman’s gigantic hypertext book and metablog about meaning-making
  • Malcolm Ocean – The most colorful collection of thoughts on mindset, culture, and productivity
  • Slate Star Codex – Rationality, cognitive science, psychology, society, etc.
  • Minding Our Way – Nate Soares on rationality techniques, with an especially excellent series on Replacing Guilt
  • Kaj Sotala – Meaning, mindfulness, AI, and more
  • Melting Asphalt – Kevin Simler on philosophy and behavior
  • Agenty Duck – Brienne Yudkowsky on rationality tools and other learning
  • The Unit of Caring – Kelsey Piper writes thoughtful replies to people with hard problems

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