The idea of a “flow state” comes from positive psychology, and describes a centered, energetic, and positive feeling of immersion in an activity. The high challenge of the task at hand is well-matched by the high competence of the skilled performer or operator.

“Flow arts” turn this concept into a moving meditation of being in the present flowment. From the fine folks at Flow Temple:

Flow is the state of optimal experience that occurs when your body, mind, and spirit are in dynamic balance. It’s what’s happening when the Now is so compelling that everything else fades away. Ego and fear dissolve in the perfect moment, time slows down, and whatever you’re doing becomes a meditation. Flow toes the fine line between controlling your actions and obeying your commands.  You know when you’re in the flow, and flowing is half the battle. Where will and physics intersect, we hone our own flow.  

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