Thinking clearly

I believe that this massive aggregation of threats to man and his ecological systems arises out of errors in our habits of thought at deep and partly unconscious levels.
As therapists, clearly we have a duty.
First, to achieve clarity in ourselves; and then to look for every sign of clarity in others and to implement them and reinforce them in whatever is sane in them.

—Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind

I’ll start by reposting these general links from the topic page:


  • Meaningness – David Chapman’s gigantic hypertext book and metablog about meaning-making
  • Malcolm Ocean – The most colorful collection of thoughts on mindset, culture, and productivity
  • Slate Star Codex – Rationality, cognitive science, psychology, society, etc.
  • Minding Our Way – Nate Soares on rationality techniques, with an especially excellent series on Replacing Guilt
  • Kaj Sotala – Meaning, mindfulness, AI, and more
  • Melting Asphalt – Kevin Simler on philosophy and behavior
  • Agenty Duck – Brienne Yudkowsky on rationality tools and other learning
  • The Unit of Caring – Kelsey Piper writes thoughtful replies to people with hard problems

General resources

Specific tools and essays