Psychedelic Integration

This page holds resources for learning about psychedelics and integration. To start, here’s an excerpt from my talk on Radical Ritual and Pragmatic Mysticism:

“We need robust and resilient systems to help us navigate the challenges that face humanity, in ways that steer between the rocky shoals of nihilistic meaninglessness and the treacherous whirlpools of self-delusion.


I want to make spaces where we can allow our sense of the sacred to encompass the deep and beautiful metaphors that science has discovered, and where we can allow our need for analytical understanding to take in the complexity and uncertainty of the world in all its rich variety


I don’t yet know where these paths will lead, but I know that we will need reliable, innovative, and flexible tools to support us in these explorations. I believe that the mindful use of psychedelics can play a key role in this process by catalyzing profound mystical experiences, allowing us to see our patterns from novel perspectives, and helping us connect with self-compassion. We also need practical ways to integrate these insights into the systems of thought and action that shape our daily lives; in other words, we need to develop rational rituals for pragmatic mysticism.”


What does this mean, in practice? Psychedelic integration coaching is intended to support people in navigating their relationship with psychedelic experiences, whether they’re considering using these substances or wanting help in working with past experiences.

I want to point out two different modes or branches of working with these experiences. One mode focuses on harm reduction, with the goal of preventing situations that could reduce your quality of life, or mitigating harms that have occurred. Another mode focuses on benefit maximization, with the goal of helping you set yourself up for the best outcomes, and to make the most of the experiences you’ve had. These are not mutually exclusive, since it’s often possible to find deep meaning and value in difficult experiences, or to encounter risks and trade-offs in the course of profound or ecstatic experiences.

Trip-Sitting 101

This presentation is modified from a talk that I gave at the UGA Psychedelic Symposium in 2016. This is the most condensed and comprehensive overview of information on considerations, preparation, navigation tools, and support for integration that I’ve prepared so far. If the embedded slides below aren’t loading properly, you can view it on Google Drive here.

Please note that I’m intending to share this as an aid to harm reduction, and not as an endorsement or encouragement to participate in illegal activity.


Here are some of the links from the end of the presentation:

Here are some additional links:

Research and therapy

Information and harm reduction

  • Erowid: Substance information, trip reports, and more
  • PsychonautWiki: The open encyclopedia of psychonautics
  • DanceSafe: Focus on harm reduction at events and substance testing kits

Ayahuasca, specifically

  • ICEERS: Information, research, and integration support about ayahuasca and iboga
  • ADF: The Ayahuasca Defense Fund, an ICEERS program for legal information and support
  • WVC article: “21 Safety Tips For Participating In Ceremonies That Use Psychoactive Substances”




  • Teatime – Psychedelic Musings from the Center of the Universe
  • Qualia Computing – Deep dives into psychedelics, quantum mechanics, consciousness, and philosophy

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