The fact that the fern prothallium resembles a heart has not gone unnoticed:

“Nineteen Species of Fern Named for Lady Gaga”

At one stage of its life, the new genus Gaga has somewhat fluid definitions of gender and bears a striking resemblance to one of Gaga’s famous costumes. Members of the new genus also bear a distinct DNA sequence spelling GAGA.”

 ”Gaga, a New Fern Genus Segregated from Cheilanthes (Pteridaceae),” Fay-Wei Li, Kathleen M. Pryer and Michael D. Windham. Systematic Botany, Oct-Dec, 2012. 

Prothallium (prothallus) — the gametophyte of the wood fern genus Aspidium

Aspidium is an obsolete taxonomic group from the family Dryopteridaceae, with its species now reclassified among other genera including Tectaria (Tectariaceae)

The vast majority of these illustration plates are from a plant systematics wall chart series – the Dodel-Port Atlas – released between 1878 & 1883”