Although human activity cannot destroy the global ecosystem, we can change it in ways that will be unpleasant for us.

—Lawrence Slobodkin, A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology

A few months ago, a friend posted something about the importance of large-scale restoration of damaged ecosystems. One comment caught my eye:
“More important than planning out and beginning construction on my survival bunker?”
I replied: “Look around — the biosphere *is* your survival bunker!” (I managed to refrain from adding, ‘Fool! We are in *space*! Or have you not noticed?’)

Destabilization of our Ecological Support Systems

Rockström et al. (2009) identify three planetary systems whose boundaries have been exceeded:

  • Biodiversity loss
  • Climate change
  • Nitrogen cycling

The Nature article is behind a paywall, but the longer version from Ecology and Society is available as a PDF.


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