About me

I enjoy catalyzing flow through internal conflict debugging and creative responses to stuckness, along with meaning-making and mindset work.

I have a BA in Ecology from New College of Florida, a school that explicitly values ecstatic wonder. I was in a PhD program for Integrative Conservation, but left after realizing that humanity’s socioecological crises won’t be solved by data alone: we need better tools for looking at hard problems with self-compassion, and for communicating and coordinating to co-create solutions.

In 2016, I was hired to be a research director and facilitator at an ayahuasca center in Peru… and then fired for being too rational. I feel especially drawn to bring together analytical and emotional work for the survival and thrival of humanity.

Productivity and flow

I’ve been a coach for several Goal-Crafting Intensives with the Complice team. I’m trained in facilitating Restorative Circles, a community process for supporting people in conflict, and I’ve led workshops on Nonviolent Communication.

Psychedelic support and integration

Sarah with vine, in PeruWhile in Peru, I’ve supported people in preparation and integration around ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as providing support during these experiences. I started this training in Peru in 2014, and worked as a facilitator in 2016. (I do not run ayahuasca ceremonies.)

I’ve been involved with the psychedelic research community since 2011. I’ve volunteered at several conferences, presented a poster, helped translate 5-MeO-DMT reports, and attended workshops on psychedelic therapy and integration.

I’ve provided peer psychedelic support with the Zendo Project at Burning Man in 2014 and 2017, and have helped organize similar spaces at regional events for several years. I’ve also led workshops on trip-sitting and psychedelic harm reduction for community and student groups. (You can see more presentations at the bottom of the page.)

To find out if you might benefit from flow-coaching or psychedelic integration coaching, click here to learn more about what I offer.

And more

I’ve had a number of other jobs, and one of my more interesting ones involved tracking rattlesnakes for a forestry research project! I’ve also worked as a virtual personal assistant, tutor, tiny bug counter, entomology and botany lab assistant, and water monitoring program coordinator.



Radical Ritual and Pragmatic Mysticism

Palenque Norte, Burning Man, 2017



Trip-Sitting 101: Holding space with compassionate presence

UGA Psychedelic Symposium, 2016



Prickles and goo: Exploring shared metaphors between analytical and intuitive traditions

Poster at Psychedemia conference, 2012


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